See What Our Patients Think

“I am privileged to have Kelly and Anthony help me navigate my wellness journey.  When I began treatment, I suffered with debilitating back pain, chronic insomnia, and uncontrolled diabetes.  Frustrated by conventional therapies which yielded mediocre results.  I took the advice of a friend who recommended Alternative Approach Acupuncture and Wellness.

I was finally ready for not only the exceptional therapies I would receive at Kelly and Anthony’s hands, but to also become an active participant in achieving and maintaining true wellness.

Utilizing a customized treatment plan comprised of acupuncture, massage, and nutritional support I have been given a renewed energy and promise of continued improvements.  My back pain has been dramatically reduced, I enjoy more restful and rejuvenating sleep, and my blood sugar levels are improving steadily.

Kelly and Anthony continue to incorporate my feedback into their treatment design and implementation for me, with results I did not think I would ever achieve. I am truly thankful to them for sharing their amazing healing abilities and knowledge with me.”

Christine Lamberti | Apr 2016 | Bay Shore New York

“I highly recommend going to Celeste for acupuncture. I’ve had chronic back and neck pain that flares up from a spinal infusion surgery. There are times where I thought nothing was going to take the pain away, and by the end of a session it’s gone. A session with Celeste releases stress, tension, and most importantly pain. She knows what she is doing and has great hospitality. Her presence is comforting and approachable. You can ask her questions and she can give recommendations on what you could to improve your condition. Don’t hesitate to book with her, she will make a difference.”

Alexandra Z | Oct 2015 | East Norwich NY

“Celeste Lizza is an amazing acupuncturist. I have a lot of wear and tear from my days as a competitive lifter. I would have to be cautious even lifting light weights from the floor as I risked a lower or mid back spasm each time. Also, I had a stiff upper left trap and shoulder and wrist pain. I still lift weights but was frustrated as i was not able to push myself in my workouts. I have to say Celeste really put me back on track. She is a true professional. She understood my frustration and knew exactly what I needed and after only a few treatments I was feeling almost the way I was at the beginning of my lifting career. Much of the pain has gone away and I rarely wake up with a stiff back anymore. I am able to push myself harder in my workouts without fear of anything going into spasm which would force me to take days off at a time. I was almost at the point I didn’t think anything would ever help but I’m glad I found Celeste and AAA Wellness. I want to thank Celeste, you are incredible!”

Mark Louros | Sept 2015

“I was diagnosed with degenerative discs in my back which I suffered with for years, and then I got diagnosed with gastroparesis, which is a disease most have never heard of. Not only was I already in daily pain from my back, but I was nauseous and throwing up every day for months due to the gastroparesis. When I researched more about gastroparesis, it felt like a death sentence: those with the disease couldn’t eat most foods, some were on feeding tubes, and that there is no cure. At the time, the doctors had me on four different medications in an attempt to control my symptoms.Luckily, Anthony was recommended to me and I went to see him, feeling hopeless at the time. I am so thankful that I was directed to him. Not only did I get relief from my back pain, but today I am able to eat whatever I want without getting sick and am also medication free. I know that if I had not gotten my treatments with Anthony, this would not have been possible. He was always so helpful and kind. I can not thank him enough. I highly recommend seeking his help if your health is not where it should be. He’s amazing.”

Jennifer P | Sept 2015

“The best !!! I love the cupping total relief for my back”

Leah P | Aug 2015

“I’ve had many different experiences with massage therapy…the best by far is done by Kelly! Besides her innate ability to heal with her hands, her sense of humor, compassion, and humanity heal one’s heart.”

Susan P | Aug 2015

“Kelly is a miracle worker. I walk in with crippling pain, I walk out pain free and happy. She is a gift from the acupuncture gods. She is always positive, upbeat, and uplifting. I love her so much, not a stalker but I will follow her wherever she goes.❤️”

Donna P | Aug 2015

“Kellyann is a top of the line massage therapist and acupuncturist who helped me to get back into my active lifestyle as a runner. I was limited with daily activities and thought my only option was surgery. Kelly assured me she could get me back to normal. I must admit I didn’t think it could be done. But, she did and I love her for it!”

Ellen B | Aug 2015

“What can I say that hasn’t been said before, yes it’s true that Kelly is brilliant and knows exactly what she’s doing but more than that she is unyielding in her pursuit of continuity and harmony concerning my overall health and well being. From the beginning and throughout my continuing course of treatment Kelly Ann Parrish has somehow been able to provide much relief from pain in my lower back, both my hands and injured ankle. When my son tried running me over with his quad and caused a painful lump of coagulated blood and dead tissue below my calf, Kelly using a method she refers to as “cupping” was able to draw the mess from my leg and provide nearly instant relief. Honestly after suffering with the small lump for months then bringing it to her attention Kelly explained the “cupping procedure”. I was quite leery at first then quickly realized that Kelly made perfect sense with her explanation of “cupping”. When she completed the procedure she showed me what she was able to remove from under my skin via a tiny hole she made and I must say without getting into the gory details that I was amazed. I see Kelly several times each week and consider her to be the most important medical professional caring for me when considering my optimum state of health and wellness. If you can, treat yourself to a visit to Kelly’s world of warmth and rejuvenation, she can help you feel better, she can because she is dedicated and very well educated, just do it, you won’t regret it.”

Robert P | Aug 2015